Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friends with Car

Today has been a nice day. I had time to make a lot of things, I advanced a lot the book translation, I was gifted with the chance of meeting my sister and manage to lose my pencilcase on the seat while watching at it. Also seen my long lost friend Marco Manuel Torres who shared with me a great portion of my childhood, and their lovely parents. Actually I took his dad, Mr. Marco Fidel Torres by dead! when I saw him slowly emerging out of his room, red eyed since he was taking a nap, I really shivered.

What can I say? it's been a wonderful day. Marco and me spoke about so many things, he picked me on his car and drove to La Pastora, I could see that he's got a lot further in life, I don't envy him, neither his things, I just never thought I'd be lectured by a friend while he was driving, just as my older brother does... felt so irritating and I feel so poor and left behind. Marco just told me his suggestions about what would be good to do since I'm here again, find a job, get a title... felt like my older brother, seriously, and well I spilled unnecesary information about what were the conditions of my divorce/separation. And well he was like preaching me... I didn't really feel good about this one. I guess I'm old enough to figure out what to do, but, well friends are for that, I guess.

I got to do something. I actually wish I can stop people contacting me, make up my life and then contact everybody and show everything is ok and stop talking ever again about my problems. I wish I don't have to go through this anymore.

Whatever being the case, I'm being blessed having the chance to stay at my sister's house for this short period, when I get to Valencia I know is going to be a bitch clash. Mom doesn't seem to be happy about me being away from her, If she knew how much I dislike her subtle way of controlling, and that's precisely what I have to deal with her, let's see what happens.

I need to get a job ASAP, man. ASAP

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